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Commercial Farms

Commercial Farms

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"Farm can also be customized according to the buyer`s interest" T&C*

We have designed the commercial farms as an investment opportunity for those who want to invest in guaranteed ROI opportunities. This farmland can be invested by any investor, including its maintenance and operations carried out solely to earn profits.

The commercial farm is invested in by those persons who ideally do not stay or live on the premises as their primary residence and in turn, we will manage their farms and also conduct agricultural operations.

Farm area details

Plantation Area : >7200 Sq.ft

Area for Future requirement : 2000 Sq.ft 

Farm Specification

  • 150-200 Trees

  • Variety commercial & orchard trees

Types of Trees

  • 105 Teak trees

  • 15 Red Sandalwood trees

  • 20 Coconut trees

  • 6 Mango trees

  • 5 JackFruit trees

  • 15 Fig Tree

  • 4 Gooseberry

  • 4 Guava

  • 4 Custard Apple

  • 2 Pomegranate


Yes, you heard it right! Money does grow on trees in Arcadia farm plots.


Invest In Nature through our 10,000 sq ft farm plot that provides a unique investment opportunity which not only appreciates over time but also maintains the natural order of the environment.  


Your property will be maintained by an experienced team of Organic Farming Agriculturalists, Environmentalists & Architects,  who are passionate about sustainable living and want to promote the concept of Agri-hood living outside our urban cities.




Land Value Appreciation – With a lot of development happening around Chengalpet – Maduranthagam, the land value is expected to appreciate considerably.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

With the quantum of commercial trees planted in the 9000 sq. ft. space, you can expect a minimum of 2X return on your investment in 10 – 15 years.

Image by Ibrahim Rifath

Monthly returns can be expected from the yield for Orchard with a guaranteed buy-back from our in-house Sterling Hills Farm.

"Make the wise decision right away for you and your future generation

by investing in Sterlinghills, Arcadia."

Unlike choosing to buy apartments, where you get just a portion of land on which the residence apartment is constructed or Urban villas with a minimum built-up area costing sky high.

When you choose to buy our Farm villa or commercial farm, you get much more than just a house. You get 10,000+ sqft of land registered in your name, a luxury villa, private swimming pool, 100% ROI promising commercial trees,  orchards, organic vegetables, fruits & herbal gardens, pollution-free environment, oxygen-rich pure air, clean mineral-rich water, sustainable architecture, etc.

"The Life You & Your Future Generation Deserves"

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