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Our team consists of Entrepreneurs, Agriculturalist, Environmentalist, and Architects who are passionate about sustainable living and wants to create an Agrihood movement in India. To develop an organized community that integrates agriculture into a residential neighbourhood. The purpose of these communities is to facilitate food production while at the same time providing recreation for members of the community.

For over a decade we are in construction and agriculture. We have developed and promoted various real estate projects like independent houses, apartments, farmhouses, heritage boutique hotels & resorts in Chennai, Pondicherry & Auroville. Also, we promote our own exclusive premium plots and farmlands. In Agriculture, we have developed acres of various organic plantations like coconut farms, mango fields, and other short-term and long-term crops in delta regions of Tamil Nadu.

Being an expert in both construction and agriculture we are developing the new future homes, the World`s 1st self-sustainable community combining a luxury villa and a Farm with all types of vegetation, seasonal fruits, commercial trees, herbal garden, aromatic flowers, and beautiful landscape. The real farm-to-table concept is where you get to grow your own produce in your backyard.

Our new future homes are designed to create a balance & better everyday life for people who chose to live in our communities. We are committed to developing environmentally friendly and self-sustainable living that focuses on afforestation, natural farming, and preservation of nature in pristine form. The community is situated in the heart of nature, consists of villas crafted by the finest craftsmen with international architects, organic farms in well-nurtured fertile soil, in midst of native trees and orchards to connect people with nature. A regenerative community produce own healthy food and renewable energy, recycle own water, and practice sophisticated waste-to-resource management that turns waste into tangible assets.


Our Vision & Mission

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Encouraging people to live and engage with nature, minimizing carbon footprint, and leaving behind a greener world for the future generation is our mission. 


The core of our vision is not just to create assets; we craft them with care for generations of families living here to thrive with goodness and well-being.

In today's world, we all have realized that being healthy and living a sustainable lifestyle is the real wealth. We assure, to give you this luxury of living in a home harmlessly integrated into the ecosystem, an environment that has clean air, mineral-rich water, and fertile soil with an organic farm that produces food throughout the year, also with commercial trees to yield you an additional income. 

"When you chose SterlingHills communities, you chose a healthy & prosperous life. A lifestyle to boosts your immunity, overall health, and life span for you and your loved ones."

Social Responsibility


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Job Creation

We are creating more and better quality jobs to boost community growth, for better living, and increasing social cohesion. We plan to create employment and empower for more than 200 individuals.


Local Economic Development

• Boost skills by providing vocational training and development programs.

• Supports enterprise development and growth to create jobs.

• Build adaptable local economic strategies and systems. 

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